Teen’s Decade of Suffering Ends with Lifesaving Kidney Transplant

Teenager Vlada from the conflict-ridden Donetsk region in Ukraine has overcome a decade-long medical ordeal with the help of a kidney transplant. Vlada, who suffered from a congenital bladder pathology, endured numerous surgeries and spent years in hospitals. Amidst the chaos of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Vlada and her mother relocated to Kharkiv for treatment and later settled in Kyiv at the National Children’s Specialized Hospital ‘Okhmatdyt’. Her condition worsened until she was assigned the highest emergency status for a compatible donor. Eventually, a compatible donor was found, and the kidney transplant was successful. Vlada, no longer dependent on dialysis, can now plan her time, go for walks, and explore landmarks with her mother.

In related news, doctors in Lviv successfully transplanted organs from a single deceased donor, saving four patients. Additionally, a 4-year-old boy became a posthumous donor, providing his heart, kidneys, and liver to three other children in need of transplants. These stories highlight the incredible potential of organ donation to save lives and give hope to those in desperate situations.

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