Surviving The Lung Transplant Journey: An Unknown Angel’S Gift By Cherie S. Blackwell

Livonia, MI – Author Cherie S. Blackwell has recently completed her latest book, “An Unknown Angel’s Gift: A Couple’s Lung Transplant Journey.” The true story follows the author and her husband, Robert, as they navigate the waiting period for a new pair of lungs and the complex emotions that arise after the transplant surgery. Cherie, who grew up in Detroit and currently resides in Michigan, is passionate about family, friends, gardening, fashion, sports, movies, music, and the beach. She hopes her book, told from a spouse’s perspective, will inspire and provide support to others facing similar situations.

Published by Fulton Books, Cherie’s memoir blends humor and sincerity to explore the emotional rollercoaster experienced while awaiting the life-changing call indicating the end of their wait for a donor. The story delves into the couple’s journey of ultimately meeting the donor family and forming a close bond. With a deeply personal touch, Cherie aims to resonate with readers in similar positions and encourage them to maintain hope in the face of challenges.

“An Unknown Angel’s Gift: A Couple’s Lung Transplant Journey” is available for purchase at bookstores nationwide, as well as online through various platforms such as Apple iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Barnes and Noble. For media inquiries, please contact or call 877-210-0816.

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