Surgeon’S Heartwarming Surprise For Pastor After Life-Changing Kidney Transplant

Mount Pleasant Pastor Receives Emotional Surprise After Kidney Transplant

Reverend Alonzo Redic III, the pastor at Friendship AME Church in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, is back at his church after undergoing a kidney transplant. This emotional journey took a heart-warming turn when Rev. Redic received a surprise before the service. Diagnosed with kidney disease, he had been waiting for a kidney donor like many others with the disease. Finally, he received the call informing him of the availability of a new kidney.

The surgeon who performed the procedure was Dr. Joe Scalea from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Dr. Scalea emphasized that surgeons don’t just operate on people, but they also help individuals like Rev. Redic get back on their feet and continue their important work. In a touching moment, Dr. Scalea surprised Rev. Redic on his first day back preaching at the church, allowing him to personally thank the doctor for the life-changing procedure. Rev. Redic expressed his gratitude not only to Dr. Scalea but also to the donor’s family, recognizing the tremendous impact of their kindness.

This experience has created a lasting friendship and bond between Rev. Redic and Dr. Scalea, reminding everyone of the power of compassion and the profound impact of organ donation.

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