Successful Pediatric Heart Transplant Marks a Milestone Moment for UW Health

Sezar, a young soccer enthusiast, recently became the first patient to receive a pediatric heart transplant at the UW Health Transplant Center in Madison. Sezar’s love for soccer was hindered by his severe bi-ventricular heart dysfunction, which was caused by a genetic mutation and a previous viral infection. The medical team at UW Health developed a treatment plan for Sezar, which involved implanting biventricular assist devices and placing him on the national waitlist for a new heart. During his wait, Sezar received a Berlin ventricular assist device, a procedure that had never been performed at the American Family Children’s Hospital before. Finally, on August 22, Sezar underwent a successful heart transplant surgery that lasted for 10 hours. After three weeks of recovery and physical therapy, Sezar was discharged from the hospital, and his care team celebrated with a parade. Sezar’s father expressed his gratitude towards the medical staff and mentioned that the experience had changed the way he thinks about life. Sezar is expected to return to school in the new year and is looking forward to being able to play soccer with his siblings again.

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