Successful Kidney Transplant Overcoming Blood Group Incompatibility At Delhi Hospital

Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi has successfully performed a kidney transplant between a donor and recipient with different blood groups, according to hospital officials. The transplant took place on February 6 and involved a 28-year-old woman with blood type “AB positive” donating her kidney to her 43-year-old husband, who had blood type “B positive.” This marked the first time such a transplant was conducted at the hospital since kidney transplants began in 2013. The procedure was considered a success, with the recipient’s kidney parameters returning to normal within two days, and the patient being discharged without complications.

The transplant presented unique challenges due to the differing blood groups, which could lead to rejection of the donated kidney. Doctors conducted a process of desensitization to reduce the recipient’s antibody levels, making the transplant possible. Anaesthesia support was provided by a team led by Dr. Sushil Guria. The recipient had been on dialysis for six months due to kidney failure. The successful transplant offers hope for more patients with incompatible blood groups who require kidney transplants.

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