Successful Completion of First Artificial Heart Transplant Surgery in Iraq

In a groundbreaking medical achievement, the Nasiriyah Heart Center in Iraq successfully completed its first-ever artificial heart transplant on Wednesday. This milestone not only marks a historic turning point for Iraq but also for the Middle East as a whole. According to a source within the Dhi Qar health department, the procedure was performed on a citizen from Al-Muthanna governorate who had experienced a cardiac collapse. To facilitate this complex surgery, a German team collaborated with an Iraqi medical team, traveling to the Nasiriyah Heart Center specifically for the implant procedure.

The operation lasted for five hours, commencing at 5:30 p.m. and concluding at 10:30 p.m. Following the surgery, the patient’s condition remained stable, and his health will be assessed ten hours later. While the medical team expressed satisfaction with the procedure’s outcome, they continue to closely monitor the patient’s response to the newly transplanted artificial heart. This achievement exemplifies the astounding strides made in the field of medical science, with potentially far-reaching implications for the future of cardiac healthcare not only in Iraq but worldwide.

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