Virtual Meeting Connects Lifesaving Stem Cell Transplant Recipient with Donor

Kristie (Gilb) Bipes, a lifelong resident of Dearborn County, Indiana, is celebrating two years since her life-saving stem cell transplant. In May 2019, Bipes was diagnosed with Myelofibrosis, a condition that affects bone marrow and the production of essential cells. In February 2022, after spending four months in Houston, she returned home to Guilford following a successful transplant through the “Be The Match” organization. Bipes’ husband, Tom, shared that while she is doing well, the recovery process is expected to take about five years for full recovery. Notably, Bipes was able to connect with her donor, Sam Paulson, a young man from the United Kingdom. The two are scheduled to have a Skype visit on Sunday. Tom Bipes expressed his gratitude towards Paulson for his selfless act and encouraged others to consider signing up to be a donor through Be The Match.

For more information on Be The Match and becoming a donor, interested individuals can visit their website. This news follows previous reports about Kristie (Gilb) Bipes’ journey, highlighting her imminent return to Dearborn County after the life-saving transplant.

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