USM’s Piland to donate stem cells for fraternity’s philanthropy

In a heartwarming twist of fate, freshman marketing major Jack Piland has discovered that his simple gesture of swabbing his cheek at a philanthropy event for his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), has made him a potential lifesaver. The event was organized by Be The Match®, an organization that matches stem cell donors with patients in critical medical conditions. Piland received correspondence in early November informing him that he is a match for a woman in Texas suffering from a challenging bone marrow disease. Despite the intensity of the confirmation process, including physical testing and extensive phone calls with Be The Match® representatives, Piland remained committed to his role in potentially saving someone’s life. The next step in the process is a waiting period, followed by a peripheral blood stem cell transplantation procedure in Houston.

Piland, overwhelmed with gratitude and humility, expressed his happiness at being able to help someone in need. He acknowledged the hard battle the recipient and her family have been fighting and hoped for a perfect outcome. Piland’s dedication and selflessness have been praised by Laura Laughlin, the executive director of student life at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM), who commended Piland and his fraternity for their support of Be The Match®.

Piland’s donation is especially poignant as it falls during the holiday season, emphasizing the spirit of giving. He hopes that his experience will serve as an example for others and inspire them to participate in similar acts of generosity. Be The Match® has covered all expenses related to Piland’s donation, demonstrating their commitment to supporting donors throughout the process.

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