Stem Cell Transplant Crucial For Rare Disease: Urgent Need!

A Tauranga family is set to relocate to Italy in order for their son, Daniel Patterson, to undergo treatment for a rare disease. Daniel, who is now 16 years old, suffers from Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome (WAS), an immunodeficiency disorder that affects his immune system’s ability to function properly. Due to this condition, Daniel’s bone marrow struggles to produce platelets, which increases his risk of internal bleeding. When he was a baby, doctors considered a bone marrow transplant but found no suitable match and deemed the procedure too risky. However, over time, Daniel’s condition has progressed into an autoimmune disease. In December 2022, he began experiencing severe stomach problems, which were later identified as ulcerative colitis. Additionally, in April 2023, he started experiencing intense leg pains, diagnosed as lupus vasculitis in Thailand.

To prevent irreversible damage to his organs, Daniel now requires a stem cell transplant. His parents have decided to pursue the transplant in Italy, where they will need to reside for the duration of six months to a year. The treatment will cost over €300,000, excluding outpatient medication expenses. The family has made significant sacrifices, including remortgaging their house, selling one of their cars, borrowing money from relatives, and utilizing their savings. Following the procedure, Daniel will spend several weeks in the hospital and then continue as an outpatient with frequent check-ups for at least six months. To support Daniel’s treatment, visit

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