Save Lives: Join National Marrow Donor Program, Make A Difference!

The National Marrow Donor Program is encouraging individuals to register for the stem cell registry in order to potentially save a life. On Thursday, people can visit Siena College in the Capital Region and get a simple cheek swab to be registered for the program. The organization aims to find matches for individuals with leukemia and other blood disorders who require a stem cell or bone marrow transplant. With 70% of patients not having a match in their family, it is crucial to have a diverse pool of potential donors.

Once registered, if someone is found to be a match, they will be contacted to donate. The National Marrow Donor Program covers all costs for the donor to ensure there are no barriers to care. In 2022, the program provided over 7,000 lifesaving treatments and added more than 300,000 individuals to the stem cell registry. This initiative offers a chance to make a significant impact and give someone another chance at life through a simple act of registration and donation.

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