Pleading For Donor As Two-Year-Old Battles Rare Leukaemia

A family from Pontypridd has made a desperate plea for bone marrow donors after their two-year-old son was diagnosed with a rare cancer. Elijah, who has been described by his mother Chloe Jones as a “medical mystery,” has been constantly ill for almost 18 months, with doctors unable to explain his condition. After noticing unusual bruising and blood spots on Elijah’s mouth, Chloe suspects low blood platelet levels, which she believes is affecting his health. Elijah now requires a bone marrow transplant, and his family is urging people to sign up to the stem cell register to help find a match.

Elijah’s condition, juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML), remains dormant until patients become unwell, which makes chemotherapy less effective. A bone marrow transplant is crucial for his treatment, as it involves implanting healthy stem cells into Elijah via his bloodstream to promote the growth of healthy cells. The family has received support from blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan, as well as various celebrities and sports stars. Despite his health struggles, Chloe describes Elijah as a “little soldier” who hasn’t let his condition slow him down. The family is hoping for a bone marrow match to transform Elijah’s life and are encouraging people to join the stem cell register as potential donors.

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