New Tool Predicts Cardiovascular Risks Post Bone Marrow Transplantation

A new tool has been developed by researchers at Michigan Medicine to predict the risk of cardiovascular complications following bone marrow transplantation. The tool, called the Cardiovascular Registry in Bone Marrow Transplantation (CARE-BMT), collects data from patients who have undergone transplants. The study analyzed data from over 3,300 patients between 2008 and 2019 and found that 4.1% experienced cardiovascular events within 100 days of the transplant, while 13.9% had such events within five years. The most common conditions were atrial fibrillation (6.8% of patients) and heart failure (5.4% of patients). The study also showed that patients who received bone marrow from a donor were more likely to face long-term cardiovascular events compared to patients who received their own stem cells. The risk score developed through CARE-BMT can identify a high-risk group of patients, representing more than 30% of study participants, who have a significantly higher rate of cardiovascular complications over time.

According to Salim Hayek, a specialist in cardio-oncology, understanding the cardiovascular risks associated with modern bone marrow transplantation is essential for selecting the right patients and ensuring better outcomes for the procedure. In the past, patients with heart disease were often excluded from bone marrow transplantation due to the cardiotoxicity of the conditioning regimens used. However, the new risk score provides valuable information to guide clinicians in assessing a patient’s risk for cardiovascular complications and choosing the appropriate treatment approach. This research highlights the importance of evaluating and addressing cardiovascular risks in individuals undergoing bone marrow transplantation, especially as these transplants become more common in older individuals who have a higher risk for cardiovascular issues.

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