Lvhn’S New Stem Cell Transplant Center: Now Open.

Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute has officially launched its new Stem Cell and Transplant Therapy Program. Stem cell transplants are considered life-saving for certain blood disorders and cancers, such as various forms of leukemia. This expansion of services was made possible through generous donations from Tom and Karin Hall, with Karin Hall having received treatment for breast cancer at LVHN.

Leading the program is Dr. Amir Toor, a highly experienced specialist in stem cell transplants and cellular therapies for hematologic malignancies, boasting over 20 years of expertise. LVHN has spent the past few years preparing for this program by assembling a specialized team of physicians, clinicians, nurses, social workers, financial counselors, and transplant coordinators to provide comprehensive care and support to patients undergoing stem cell transplants.

The aim of stem cell transplants, also known as bone marrow transplants, is to restore blood-forming stem cells in the body. This procedure often involves using a patient’s preserved cells or cells from a donor, such as a family member. LVHN’s new program will offer treatment to individuals with disorders and cancers such as acute lymphoblastic leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia, Hodgkin lymphoma, multiple myeloma, myelodysplastic syndrome, myelofibrosis, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

While LVHN currently does not offer regenerative medicine treatments, this new Stem Cell and Transplant Therapy Program positions the institute at the forefront of future stem cell research technologies. With approximately 200 blood stem cell transplant centers nationwide, including 11 in Pennsylvania, LVHN’s expansion highlights its commitment to providing cutting-edge treatments and advancing medical advancements in the region.

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