Local Community Unites To Find Potential Donor For Cancer-Stricken Infant.

Nolan, an infant suffering from leukemia, is undergoing a clinical study involving five cycles of chemotherapy. Each cycle lasts approximately 30 days, with short breaks in between. If Nolan does not achieve full remission after the chemotherapy cycles, he will undergo a bone marrow/stem cell transplant. To find a potential donor, Nolan’s parents and the community have organized two Be The Match events in December.

The aim of these events is to find a match not only for Nolan but also for other patients in need of a bone marrow transplant. The events will provide potential donors with swabs to collect samples from inside their mouths for testing. The samples will then be packaged and shipped by volunteers. If a match is found, the donor will undergo a procedure where marrow is extracted from their hip bone and transferred to Nolan. Despite the discomfort associated with the procedure, they believe it is worth saving a life.

Additionally, blood donation is encouraged as patients like Nolan often require multiple units of blood and platelets during their hospital stays. Those unable to attend the events can still join the Be The Match registry by texting NolansNation to 61474. Donors must be between the ages of 18 and 40. The events will take place on December 9 at Station 1 and on December 16 at Pendleton’s Produce. The community hopes that by coming together and supporting Nolan, they can provide hope and healing for him and others facing similar challenges.

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