Life-Changing Transplant Reunites Bone Marrow Donor and Recipient

Eboni Nash, a selfless and compassionate woman, made the life-changing decision to donate bone marrow to a stranger through the Be The Match registry. Last year, Amya Hood, a 16-year-old diagnosed with T-cell leukemia, desperately needed a bone marrow transplant after a relapse. Despite no match being found in her family, Nash’s DNA proved to be a perfect 10-for-10 match for Amya. The successful transplant took place in September 2021, leaving Amya feeling “so happy and thankful.”

Nash chronicled her donation process on TikTok, gaining a significant following and registering nearly 2,000 potential donors for the Be The Match registry. One of those donors went on to donate bone marrow as well. Their meeting finally took place at The One Forum, hosted by Be The Match, earlier this month in Minneapolis. The emotional reunion saw Nash and Amya expressing their gratitude and excitement for each other, with Nash stating that she was “grateful” and “humbled” by the experience, and Amya expressing her happiness for Nash becoming a part of her life. This heartwarming encounter highlights the impact of selfless acts and the power of DNA matching in saving lives.

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