Leukemia Patient’s Perfect Bone Marrow Match Denied Entry to US

A California man named Arthur Yu is desperately in need of a bone marrow transplant as he battles leukemia, but despite finding a perfect match in his cousin from the Philippines, the US government is preventing his cousin from entering the country, local news reports reveal. Yu was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in March last year and has undergone four rounds of unsuccessful chemotherapy. In his search for a bone marrow donor, Yu discovered a match in his distant cousin, who applied for a visa to come to the US. However, the visa has been denied, leaving Yu racing against time to secure his cousin’s visa and access the life-saving transplant he urgently needs.

Yu’s predicament has caught the attention of California Senator Alex Padilla, who is working closely with him to expedite the visa process and ensure it is cleared for his cousin. Yu is determined to be there for his toddler son and wishes to enjoy a normal, healthy life with him. Senator Padilla’s intervention provides hope for Yu and his cousin, who will be interviewed again this week for the visa. In the meantime, this story sheds light on the struggles individuals face when seeking necessary medical procedures and the complexities of visa regulations, which can have life-altering consequences for those in need of urgent medical treatment.

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