John York of “General Hospital” gives update on stem cell transplant to fans.

Soap opera star John J. York, famous for his role in General Hospital, revealed that he was diagnosed with two forms of cancer last year. The actor, aged 65, underwent treatment, which included a blood stem cell transplant, to combat myelodysplastic syndrome, a type of blood cancer, and smoldering multiple myeloma, a precancerous bone marrow condition. After three bone marrow biopsies and rounds of chemotherapy, York found a match through in November and began the stem cell transplant procedure.

Despite still having a long road ahead, York shared a positive update with fans in a video posted on social media. The test results are looking good, and he expressed hope of returning to the show in late spring or early summer. Myelodysplastic syndromes prevent the maturation of new blood cells in the bone marrow, while smoldering multiple myeloma can lead to the development of multiple myeloma, a rare blood cancer that affects white blood cells. Blood cancers, including leukemia and lymphoma, are generally easier to treat than solid tumors, and treatment options vary depending on the type and stage of cancer.

Stem cell transplants, in which cancerous blood cells are replaced with healthy stem cells from the same individual or a donor, are one of the treatment options for blood cancers. York expressed gratitude for the support and love from fans and emphasized the importance of taking things one day at a time in the battle against cancer. For more information on blood cancer, including risk factors and symptoms, Cancer Health provides comprehensive resources on the topic.

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