Grow On backs stem cell transplant program.

The recently concluded 2023 Grow On Windsor campaign has successfully generated an impressive $387,000 in funds, aimed at bolstering local cancer services. The campaign’s primary goal is to establish a groundbreaking stem cell transplant program. Stem cell transplants involve the replacement of impaired or diseased blood-forming cells with healthy stem cells. Typically, patients would have to undergo the procedure in hospitals located in London, Hamilton, or Toronto, necessitating a 3-4 week stay. However, as a result of the funds raised and the generous contributions from donors, the Windsor community will now have access to this life-saving therapy on-site.

Houida Kassem, the Executive Director of the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation, expressed gratitude to the community, stating, “So many local cancer patients have had life-saving stem cell therapy out of town. Thanks to our generous donors and supporters, a Stem Cell Transplant Program will now be available to patients right here in our community.” The campaign, sponsored by Liuna625 and backed by numerous local companies and individual benefactors, has successfully amassed $387,462, with donations still being received. This year’s achievement adds to the impressive tally of $5 million that the Grow On Windsor campaign has raised over the years, providing crucial assistance to various cancer programs within the community.

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