Former Bone Marrow Transplant Recipient Seeks To Support Others.

Andrew Lippmann, a resident of Chappaqua, is currently in Washington to lobby lawmakers for increased funding for NMDP (formerly the National Marrow Donor Program) and the passage of the Lifesaving Leave Act. Lippmann, who underwent a bone marrow transplant in 2016, is advocating for an increase in funding from $33 million to $35 million and for legislation that would protect bone marrow donors from losing their jobs if they need to take time off for donation. He emphasizes the need for more donors, especially for minority communities and those of mixed heritage, who often face challenges in finding compatible donors due to a lack of trust in the medical community and limited leave policies from employers. Despite being in remission for three-and-a-half years, Lippmann experienced a recurrence of his cancer in 2019, underscoring the uncertainty faced by cancer survivors.

Lippmann’s personal experience with cancer has fueled his advocacy efforts, seeking to provide others with the same chance at life. He urges individuals to take five minutes every day to be grateful and highlights the importance of early detection and access to top-quality medical care. In addition, he encourages people to learn more about NMDP and how to become a donor by visiting their website. Lippmann’s efforts highlight the urgent need for increased funding and support for cancer research and prevention, as well as the importance of legislation to protect bone marrow donors and ensure equal access to life-saving treatments.

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