Clowne mother’s cancer plea: Help raise £60k for life-saving treatment

Derbyshire mum-of-two, Rachael Holmes, is seeking to raise £60,000 for a life-changing cancer treatment. After being diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of triple-negative breast cancer in 2021, Rachael underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery and initially showed positive progress. However, she received devastating news earlier this year when doctors informed her that the cancer had returned to her lymph nodes and lungs, indicating a non-curable diagnosis. While the NHS can provide treatments to manage the cancer, they do not offer a cure. Although privately obtained, the drug Olaparib1, which has shown promise, is priced at around £5,000 per month and is only approved for primary cases, excluding Rachael.

To raise funds, Rachael’s daughter, Carys, has organized a fundraiser at Clowne Community Centre in Derbyshire. The event will feature Christmas-themed stalls, activities, baked goods, a tombola, and a raffle, including a grand prize of a birthday party for over 30 people at a local cinema. The £60,000 raised will provide a year’s supply of Olaparib1 for Rachael, with the hope that her family can continue funding her treatment in the following years. Donations can be made on Rachael’s GoFundMe page.

Rachael expressed her gratitude for her family’s support and mentioned their strength in going through this ordeal. The fundraiser aims to give Rachael a chance to undergo the potentially life-changing treatment that could significantly improve her condition.

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