BSMMU Offers Affordable Bone Marrow Transplants, Surpassing Global Average

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) in Bangladesh has successfully performed its first bone marrow transplant on a patient, at a cost of Tk 322,000. This is significantly lower than the Tk 2 million charged for the same procedure in other countries. The transplant took place at BSMMU’s first bone marrow transplantation and stem cell therapy center, which marks a significant advancement in healthcare services in the country. The Vice Chancellor of BSMMU, Prof Dr Md Sharfuddin Ahmed, announced at a media briefing that the cost of such transplants in private hospitals in Bangladesh is between Tk 0.6 million and Tk 1.2 million, while abroad it ranges from Tk 2.0 million to Tk 3.0 million, depending on the hospital. The center aims to provide world-class treatment and hopes to perform 3 to 5 bone marrow transplants per month with government support.

A 63-year-old patient from Narayanganj, Enamul Haque, underwent the successful bone marrow transplant after being diagnosed with complex blood cancer. Stem cells were collected from his body on January 17, and the transplant was performed by Prof Dr. Salahuddin Shah on January 18. The patient showed no complications after 18 days, indicating a positive outcome and the successful application of the bone marrow transplant. This achievement eliminates the need for patients in Bangladesh to seek treatment abroad. The stem cell therapy center, established on January 1 at BSMMU, aims to provide treatment for cancer patients and is currently capable of performing one bone marrow transplant per month with its existing facilities.

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