$11K raised for 4-year-old Lindsay’s stem cell transplant: An inspiring journey

A mother in Lindsay, Anayh Acevedo, is seeking a life-saving bone marrow transplant for her four-year-old son, Jesiah, who has been dealing with severe blood issues since birth. Although Jesiah’s condition remains officially undiagnosed, doctors at Valley Children’s Hospital suspect he has a rare and severe form of anemia. After multiple transfusions, Acevedo is now considering the bone marrow transplant as the last option. They are hopeful to receive the transplant at Stanford’s hospital in March, but have faced challenges with insurance coverage. To cope with the financial burden, Acevedo is working three jobs, and her friends have started a GoFundMe campaign to support her during Jesiah’s treatment. Despite the difficulties, Acevedo remains optimistic and requests prayers for her son’s recovery.

Acevedo emphasizes the toll that her son’s condition has taken on their lives, as Jesiah has been receiving high doses of steroids from birth. The family’s routine of visiting hospitals has become distressing for Jesiah, who cries and expresses his disapproval. Acevedo cherishes the support of her coworkers, who have generously donated their paid time off and sick days so she can continue to receive pay while caring for her son during his treatment. The community’s financial contributions are greatly appreciated, but Acevedo highlights that what she values most are prayers for Jesiah’s well-being. With over $11,000 raised through the GoFundMe campaign, Acevedo is determined to ensure her son receives the best possible care during his transplant.

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