Steak ‘Em Up Encounter Leads to Life-Saving Kidney Transplant for Carolyn DiFabrizio

South Philadelphia resident George Johnson became a lifesaver for his regular coffee shop waitress Carolyn DiFabrizio. DiFabrizio, who had been battling health issues including kidney failure and congestive heart failure, jokingly asked Johnson if he had an extra kidney. Surprisingly, Johnson responded, “Yeah, sure! Why not?” and later discovered that he was a match. The two underwent successful kidney transplant surgery on December 23, 2023, and are now on the path to recovery. This unexpected act of kindness has inspired both individuals to share their story and raise awareness about organ donation.

To support DiFabrizio and Johnson during their recovery, Steak ‘Em Up, the coffee shop where they met, is organizing a Beef and Beer benefit on February 3. The event will take place at The Vikings NYB Hall on 1815 South 11th Street in South Philadelphia. Tickets for the event are priced at $40, and all proceeds will go towards helping the pair. DiFabrizio and Johnson are using their experience to encourage others not to lose hope and to consider the importance of organ donation. They invite people to join them in spreading awareness and support for this cause.

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