South Florida Artist Captures Inspiring Kidney Transplant Journey in Latest Collection

Miami artist Gabriel Delgado underwent a kidney transplant in June of this year to save his wife, Melissa, who was suffering from kidney failure. Gabriel had been working on conceptual math equations before learning about Melissa’s condition. The couple was devastated, but Gabriel decided to get tested and donate his kidney, hoping to set up a chain reaction that would lead to a match for Melissa. In a one-in-100,000th chance, Gabriel and Melissa were found to be a perfect match, bringing a sense of relief to both of them. Gabriel’s act of selflessness inspired him to create a new series of artwork based on their experience, with a portion of the sales going to organizations that support kidney donation. The couple is grateful for their renewed closeness and plans to continue giving back for years to come.

Gabriel’s artwork, inspired by his and Melissa’s kidney transplant journey, will be on display and for sale at Art Miami from December 5 to December 10. Twenty percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Memorial Transplant Institute and The National Kidney Donation Organization. The couple hopes that their contribution will help others facing similar challenges. Melissa, touched by her husband’s gift of life, says she will never be able to fully thank him, and their experience has brought them even closer together. Gabriel believes that they will continue to support each other for many decades to come.

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