Sleeve Gastrectomy: An Effective Option For Obese Adults Awaiting Kidney Transplant

A new study published by Mayo Clinic suggests that sleeve gastrectomy, a weight loss surgery, may be effective in improving kidney transplant candidacy for adults with obesity. The study evaluated 104 candidates for kidney transplant, with 54 patients undergoing sleeve gastrectomy and 50 patients not having the procedure. Researchers found that during a follow-up period of 15.5 months, 37 of the sleeve gastrectomy patients were listed for transplant and 20 received a kidney within a median of 20.9 months. In comparison, 14 of the nonsurgical patients were listed and five received a transplant. The study highlights the potential benefits of sleeve gastrectomy in reducing obesity-related comorbidities and improving access to kidney transplantation for individuals with advanced chronic kidney disease.

The study also noted that laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy has become the most commonly performed weight loss surgery for kidney transplant candidates. However, while the procedure showed positive outcomes in terms of weight loss and transplant rates, safety concerns remain. The researchers emphasized the need for further research to confirm and improve the safety and efficacy of sleeve gastrectomy for patients with obesity seeking a kidney transplant. These findings support the potential value of surgical gastrectomy in improving the general health and eligibility of patients with obesity and renal failure, particularly those in advanced stages of chronic kidney disease.

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