Sibling Duo Undergoes Simultaneous Kidney Transplants, Share Unforgettable Journey

Two siblings, John Previti and Denise D’Amelio, recently underwent kidney transplants on the same day at Tufts Medical Center in an incredible story highlighting the importance of kidney donations. Previti, who had a family history of kidney disease, received a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease a year ago. His girlfriend, Tracy, initially wanted to be a donor but was not a match. However, an altruistic donor who matched Previti was connected to the couple through the Tufts Medical Center kidney transplant team.

Meanwhile, Denise D’Amelio, who donated a kidney to her father 34 years ago, was also in need of a kidney transplant due to her advanced stage 5 kidney disease. Thanks to her previous donation, Denise was approved and quickly rose to the top of the national kidney transplant list. The night before her brother’s surgery, Denise received a call that a donated kidney was available for her.

Both siblings ended up having their procedures on the same day at Tufts Medical Center, where Denise made her donation over 30 years ago. This unique situation is deemed truly remarkable by Dr. Ashtar Chami, the Medical Director of Kidney Transplantation at Tufts Medical Center. With approximately 90,000 people waiting for kidney transplants in the United States, the story of John and Denise’s simultaneous transplants serves as an inspiration for others to donate organs and highlights the importance of timing and altruism in kidney transplantation.

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