Shannon Stewart: Joyful 3,000th NI Kidney Transplant Recipient Thanks ‘Hero’ Mom

Shannon Stewart, a 31-year-old domestic assistant at the Ulster Hospital in Dundonald, recently underwent a life-saving kidney transplant. Last June, Shannon discovered she needed a transplant and just six months later, her mother, Joanne Osborne, donated one of her kidneys. This transplant marked the 3,000th at Belfast City Hospital. Shannon expressed her gratitude towards her mother, calling her a hero and stating that she has given her life back. She also highlighted the importance of organ donation in saving lives and urged others to consider it.

Shannon’s transplant journey began after experiencing kidney issues and subsequent tests revealed kidney failure. Fortunately, she did not require dialysis and went straight to receiving the transplant. Shannon’s family immediately expressed their interest in donating, and both her mother and sister were found to be a match. However, Joanne was a better match for Shannon. Shannon emphasized how blessed she felt to have her mother by her side throughout the entire transplant journey and expressed her gratitude for her mother’s sacrifice.

Shannon’s mother, Joanne, who works in the post room at the Ulster Hospital, shared her motivation for donating her kidney. She stated that her main concern was Shannon’s well-being and the opportunity for her daughter to have a better family life with her two-year-old son, Grayson. Shannon’s mother described her daughter as “glowing” after the operation, noting the visible difference in her energy levels. Shannon concluded by encouraging others to consider organ donation, emphasizing the life-changing impact it can have on individuals and families.

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