SD woman’s life reignited by innovative liver transplant procedure

A San Diego woman’s life has been transformed thanks to a unique type of liver transplant. Erin Roberts was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that threatened her liver function and left her feeling sick and miserable. However, she did not qualify for a deceased liver donor. That’s when she learned about the Living Liver Donation Program at UC San Diego Health. Through this program, a healthy living volunteer donates a portion of their liver to the patient in need. Roberts found a match in her brother-in-law, who selflessly donated part of his liver. The surgeries went smoothly, and Roberts experienced an instant improvement in her health. Now, over a year later, she and her family are enjoying a renewed quality of life.

The UC San Diego Health Center for Transplantation, known for its expertise and research in transplantation, facilitated this life-changing procedure. Dr. Veeral Ajmera, the medical director of liver transplantation, highlighted the unique regenerative abilities of the liver that make living donor transplants possible. He hopes that Roberts’ story will increase awareness about the potential for improved quality of life through living liver donations. The liver donation program at UC San Diego is showcased as a lifesaving and generous act. With increased awareness, more people could benefit from this life-transforming procedure. Experts assure that the liver of the donor will eventually regrow to its original size.

The story of Erin Roberts and her brother-in-law serves as an inspiring testament to the healing power of living liver transplants. It illustrates the profound impact that organ donation can have on the lives of both recipients and donors. The ongoing success of the transplant surgery has allowed Roberts to regain her role as a mother and to enjoy life with her family once again. The connection forged through this unique shared experience is described as a special bond. Roberts expresses immense gratitude for her brother-in-law’s willingness to undergo the procedure, and she recognizes that a part of him will always be with her through his donated liver.

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