Scottish toddler’s liver transplant in England urgent after virus wreaks irreversible harm.

A toddler in Scotland named Wesley Norris is in need of an urgent liver transplant after contracting a dangerous virus that caused irreversible damage to his liver over the Christmas period. Wesley, who was diagnosed with rare liver disease Biliary Atresia at just five weeks old, spent Christmas in the hospital after falling ill on December 4 with Cholangitis, a life-threatening bacterial virus that attacks the bile duct system. Despite treatment, he now requires an immediate transplant. However, no hospital in Scotland is equipped to perform the surgery, meaning Wesley and his family will have to relocate to Birmingham for the procedure.

Wesley’s mother, Darian Toall, expressed the family’s concern and the urgency of the situation, saying, “It’s a race against time for Wesley to get a transplant. The problem is there is nowhere in Scotland to do the surgery so we will need to go to England.” Moreover, Wesley’s father, Finn, will be unable to accompany them due to work commitments, resulting in the family being separated during the five-month process of surgery and rehabilitation. Wesley’s mother remains hopeful that the transplant will be successful, allowing him to resume a normal life. A fundraising campaign has been launched to support the family during this challenging time.

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