Scb Medical College Hospital Introduces Liver Transplant Opd

Cuttack’s SCB Medical College and Hospital has inaugurated a dedicated outpatient department (OPD) for liver transplant patients. Open on Thursdays from 9 am to 1 pm, this initiative aims to provide specialized care for individuals with liver-related ailments. The newly established OPD, located in the super-speciality building, will focus on early detection, leading to enhanced treatment outcomes. The unit will cater to patients diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, liver tumor, liver cancer, and segmental liver resection. Notably, three doctors have been designated to offer the OPD services.

According to Dr. Rajesh Dora, head of the liver transplant unit, the dedicated OPD will allow for immediate classification of patients, facilitating faster detection and diagnosis. By opening the facility, many individuals stand to benefit from improved treatment options. Dr. Dora further emphasized that the early detection potential of the OPD will be advantageous not only to patients but also to doctors. The availability of this unit will enable doctors to promptly identify liver transplant patients and consequently administer more effective care. In critical cases, the SCB doctors will receive assistance from experts at the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology.

Overall, the establishment of the OPD at SCB Medical College and Hospital signifies the commitment to providing specialized care for individuals with liver-related diseases. The unit’s operational hours on Thursdays aim to accommodate patients and ensure early detection for timely treatment. This initiative aligns with the hospital’s mission of improving healthcare outcomes and enhancing the patient experience.

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