Royal Hospital Performs First Autologous Kidney Transplant In Oman: A Landmark Achievement!

In a groundbreaking medical achievement, a team of doctors, nurses, and supporting staff at the Royal Hospital in Muscat successfully performed the first autologous kidney transplantation in Oman. The procedure was conducted on a woman patient who had experienced severe bleeding during a cesarean section, causing extensive damage to her left kidney’s ureter. After multiple surgeries and interventions to rectify the damage, the medical team faced a critical decision regarding the kidney’s fate.

Ultimately, they decided to perform an autologous kidney transplant, removing the damaged kidney along with a healthy portion of the ureter and re-implanting it in the lower abdomen near the urinary bladder. Following a brief recovery period, the transplanted kidney rapidly resumed normal functioning. The patient was discharged from the hospital just four days after the surgery, showcasing the success of the procedure. Subsequent tests confirmed the kidney’s safe and effective functioning in its new position.

The Royal Hospital team expressed their joy and pride in this significant achievement, which marks a significant milestone in the field of organ transplantation in the country. The hospital also praised its healthcare personnel for their commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest medical developments and providing hope to patients. This successful autologous kidney transplantation showcases the dedication and expertise of Oman’s medical professionals in advancing healthcare and delivering life-saving treatments.

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