Rockford’s 11-year-old soccer enthusiast saved by groundbreaking heart transplant

Rockford, Ill. – An 11-year-old Rockford boy named Sezar is set to resume his favorite sport, soccer, thanks to a groundbreaking pediatric heart transplant conducted by UW Health’s Transplant Center. Sezar’s family immigrated from Syria six years ago and have described him as a devoted soccer fan. However, his summer of playing the game every day came to an abrupt halt in July when he suffered from severe bi-ventricular heart dysfunction.

Doctors at UW Health diagnosed Sezar with a genetic mutation that could potentially lead to heart failure. In response, they implanted devices into his heart to ensure proper blood circulation. Although the right side of his heart recovered, the left side continued to struggle, necessitating a heart transplant. The intricate surgery lasted an impressive 10 hours, but Sezar’s road to recovery did not end there.

Following three weeks of recovery and intensive physical therapy, Sezar was finally able to return home. His release from the hospital was celebrated by his dedicated care team with a parade, marking a milestone in his healing journey. Now back to playing in his yard, Sezar’s next goal is to return to school in the coming year.

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