Resilient Six-Year-Old From Bolton Recovers After Life-Saving Liver Transplant

Ivy Reed, an 11-month-old girl from Darwen, has successfully undergone a liver transplant after being diagnosed with a rare metabolic disorder called Propionic acidemia. Ivy, who also has non-verbal autism, had been on the waiting list for a new liver for a year and a half before receiving the call. The surgery, which took more than 10 hours, was considered high-risk due to Ivy’s condition. Post-surgery, Ivy is expected to spend six weeks in recovery and then isolate for four months to reduce the risk of infection. She will also need to take immunosuppressant medicines for the rest of her life.

The financial strain caused by Ivy’s medical condition is taking a toll on her parents, Carl and Phillipa. Phillipa, who has not been employed since Ivy’s diagnosis, spends all her time in Leeds alongside her daughter, feeding and giving medication to Ivy every three hours through a tube in her stomach. Carl, who runs a hair salon, spends up to £70 per day to travel between Egerton and Leeds to visit Ivy. The couple has arranged some payment holidays but are facing immediate payment demands from other companies. Despite the challenges, Carl remains focused on supporting Ivy, recognizing that she has endured far more and describing her as a tough girl who will cope with her condition.

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