Reno Aces Honor Local Veteran And Liver Transplant Recipient In Game Celebration

The Reno Aces baseball team will be honoring a local veteran and liver transplant recipient during their game on May 10. The event is set to celebrate the veteran’s second chance at life and raise awareness for organ transplants. The identity of the veteran has not been disclosed.

The game, taking place at the Greater Nevada Field, will feature various activities and promotions throughout the evening. The veteran will have the opportunity to throw the first pitch as a symbol of their courageous journey. The event aims to shed light on the importance of organ donation and highlight the impact it can have on individuals’ lives.

In addition to honoring the local veteran, the Reno Aces game will also serve as a platform to raise funds for research and support programs related to organ transplantation. The team hopes to bring attention to the critical need for organ donors and encourage individuals to consider becoming organ donors themselves.

Overall, the event at Greater Nevada Field seeks to inspire and uplift both the local community and the wider public by showcasing the incredible journey of a liver transplant recipient and celebrating their renewed lease on life.

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