Record-Breaking: Milestone 100Th Heart Transplant Marks Remarkable Medical Achievement!

Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix’s Advanced Heart Failure Program recently celebrated a significant milestone, completing its 100th successful heart transplant since its inception three years ago. This program stands as the sole hospital in Arizona with a comprehensive heart failure center. The debut transplant took place in February 2020, and ever since, the program has witnessed remarkable growth, surpassing national averages in performance.

Dr. Francisco Arabia, Physician Executive of the Advanced Heart Failure Program, expressed his pride in this achievement. The program’s success is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the medical team and their commitment to providing exceptional care to patients like Colin Judd, who benefited from the program. This milestone showcases the program’s effectiveness in offering life-saving options to individuals facing heart failure.

As the program continues to expand and excel, it extends hope to many more patients across the state of Arizona, ensuring they receive specialized care and the possibility of life-changing heart transplants. The 100th successful heart transplant serves as a remarkable milestone in the medical field and reinforces the program’s position as a leading institution in heart failure treatment.

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