Rare Cancer Patient Receives Life-Saving Liver Transplant.

In a remarkable medical feat, a 31-year-old Polish paediatrician successfully underwent surgery for an advanced stage bile duct liver cancer. The patient’s MRI scan revealed several lesions in both lobes of the liver, making it a challenge for treatment. However, a multidisciplinary team of surgeons at the MGM Institute of Liver Disease and Transplant, including Thiagarajan Srinivasan and Karthik Mathivanan, utilized transarterial radioembolisation (TARE) therapy and chemotherapy to down-stage the cancer in just six months, making transplantation feasible. Dr. Thiagarajan explained that a transplant was necessary to fully remove the tumor along with the bile duct surrounding the liver. The patient’s husband generously donated a part of his liver, and the surgery was successful with a swift recovery and no signs of cancer recurrence.

This groundbreaking case highlights the potential of customized treatment plans and the effectiveness of TARE therapy and chemotherapy in treating advanced stage bile duct liver cancer. The use of living donor liver transplant showcased the crucial role of organ donation in saving lives. The success of this surgery offers hope to patients with similar conditions and suggests that with the right treatment approach, even complex cases can be managed effectively. The collaborative efforts of the medical team demonstrate the importance of multidisciplinary approaches in tackling complex medical conditions and achieving positive outcomes for patients.

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