Pune Hospital’s Bloodless Live Donor Liver Transplant Stuns Medical Community

A city hospital in Pune recently conducted a successful live donor liver transplant without the need for a blood transfusion. The 52-year-old recipient, suffering from end-stage liver disease, received a part of his wife’s liver in a 12-hour surgery on December 4 last year. Both the donor and recipient are recovering well, with the patient not requiring ventilator support after the surgery. The doctors at Jupiter Hospital, where the procedure took place, highlighted the traditional challenges associated with live donor liver transplants, such as blood loss and the subsequent need for transfusions. However, this successful procedure showcases a potential breakthrough in addressing these challenges.

The recipient, who works as a supervisor with a power supply firm, was diagnosed with liver disease in 2019 and was advised to undergo a transplant in November last year. His wife immediately agreed to donate a portion of her liver, despite the complexities and risks involved. Liver transplant surgeries are highly intricate procedures, typically requiring multiple blood transfusions. However, in this case, the transplant was performed without the need for blood transfusion, thanks to the successful technique employed by the medical team. The recipient expressed gratitude for his wife’s decision and credited the transplant with giving him a new lease on life. This achievement may have significant implications for the future of live donor liver transplants, potentially reducing the risks and challenges associated with the procedure.

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