Prominent Boulder Mechanic Requires Kidney Transplant, Urgent Need For Donors

Boulder mechanic shop owner, Charlie Bigsby, is in urgent need of a kidney transplant, shedding light on the growing shortage of kidneys nationwide. Bigsby has been on the waiting list for a new kidney for three and a half years, and his health is deteriorating as he waits. This situation is not unique to Bigsby, as more than 88,000 people across the country are also on the waiting list for kidney transplants, emphasizing the great need for organ donations.

Despite his health struggles, Bigsby continues to work at his busy garage, Charlie’s Garage, with 15 to 30 cars showing up daily. He receives dialysis treatment that keeps him alive while awaiting a transplant. His wife, Marcie Bigsby, supports him and arranges his dialysis schedule so that he can return to work promptly each morning.
Many individuals have expressed interest in donating a kidney to Bigsby, including regular customer John Chrisfield. So far, none of them have been a compatible match. Bigsby hopes that someone who is an altruistic match will come forward soon, as his ability to work at the garage depends on receiving a kidney transplant.

For those interested in learning more about kidney donation, the National Kidney Registry website provides information. Local church groups in collaboration with Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center have been actively involved in supporting Bigsby throughout his journey. There is also a dedicated Facebook page documenting his kidney transplant journey.

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