Plainview man celebrates 25 years since life-changing double lung transplant

Gary Klausner, a resident of Plainview, is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his double lung transplant. This life-saving procedure allowed Klausner to regain his health and live a fulfilling life. The news was reported by Virginia Huie of NewsdayTV.

The anniversary marks a significant milestone for Klausner, who underwent the transplant operation 25 years ago. He expressed gratitude for the second chance at life and the opportunity to spend more time with his loved ones. The successful transplant has allowed him to lead a normal and active life.

Klausner’s story serves as a reminder of the life-changing impact of organ transplants and the importance of organ donation. It highlights the resilience of individuals who have undergone such procedures and their ability to make the most out of their new lease on life. The anniversary celebration also serves as a testament to the advancements in medical technology and the expertise of healthcare professionals who make these procedures possible.

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