Penn’s kidney transplant program achieves global record for annual ‘paired donations’

Penn Medicine in Philadelphia has achieved a world record with its 100th paired kidney donation in the past year. The transplant method connects donors and recipients who have had difficulty finding matches among friends and family members. Rich Green, a patient in need of a kidney, was linked with a donor in Los Angeles who was a better match than his brother-in-law. In turn, the Los Angeles donor had a loved one who was compatible with Green’s brother-in-law. This achievement, while not officially submitted to Guinness World Records, has been confirmed by the National Kidney Registry as a record accomplishment, serving as an example for other transplant centers to follow.

Penn Medicine has enhanced its paired donation program in collaboration with the National Kidney Registry, hiring additional staff to handle the logistics of organ transplant operations. The high prevalence of kidney disease in Philadelphia has fueled the need for more transplants, and the hospital hopes to give hope to patients by showing them the possibility of receiving a kidney. The success stories of donors who give selflessly and recipients who benefit from these paired donations continue to inspire doctors and medical professionals at Penn Medicine, as well as patients facing the challenges of kidney disease.

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