Penn State Health Halts Liver Transplant Program Voluntarily

Penn State Health has made the decision to voluntarily pause its liver transplant program in order to undergo a performance review with representatives from the United Network for Organ Sharing. Concerns about clinical processes and documentation were identified, prompting the need for the review. The center has individually notified 63 patients on the waiting list or undergoing evaluation for the waitlist regarding the program’s pause. Penn State Health is also working with other liver transplant centers to ensure a smooth transition of patient care. However, post-transplant care will continue to be provided for patients who have already received a liver transplant at Penn State Health. It is important to note that this pause does not impact other transplant programs offered by Penn State Health, such as kidney, heart, stem cell, and bone marrow transplants. This is not the first time Penn State Health has temporarily inactivated a transplant program, as the abdominal transplant program was previously voluntarily inactivated in 2022 for improvements and later reactivated in 2023.

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