Southern Indiana Woman Answers The Call, Donates Kidney To Stranger

a big celebration today at the Trager transplant center at Jewish hospital it honored a kidney recipient and a New Albany woman who was moved to give in a way she never imagined she could Jewish hospital staff lined the Halls clapping cheering and truly crying tears of joy for Kayla Dodie a woman who was in desperate need of a kidney earlier this week and just became the recipient of one right behind her in the celebration line Alyssa Grimes of New Albany a woman Kayla met and embrace for the first time in her hospital room only after the transplant and Recovery took place it was really nice it it was really emotional and there weren’t really any words to be said still a little surreal Grimes admitted because the way she arrived in this decision it was just a feeling that this was something she was supposed to do and it came to her simply as a sign literally and figuratively there’s been a sign up in my hometown in New Albany for a while and I remember it being a small one and then I didn’t see it again and then over this past summer I saw a really big sign and it really just hit me that I was like oh this person still needs a kidney and so that’s when I really started to think about it and then um I took a picture of it and kind of kept thinking about it and then I decided to call one day on a break at work I was like oh I’m just going to call and I want to do it if I can she could as testing a few months ago proved Grimes was a match solidifying that feeling that sign was meant to be Kayla’s mother roxand doie says her daughter’s Health fight has been one of strength and courage and the stranger who gave her her child a kidney it’s hard for her to find the words when you’re forever grateful I’m in shock and all um that gift like that you don’t expect and not very many people will do it that has been in my head in my heart from the beginning of just knowing that I’m not really sacrificing that much in the long run um for someone to get something that will actually like help them stay alive and Dr Dylan Adamson performed the transplant surgery by the way April is Donate Life month to encourage organ donation across the us more than 990,000 people are still waiting for a kidney

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