One year later: Temi Adebisi hopes for heart transplant

And today it was a pretty special and bittersweet day for a great little girl in Minnesota and her family, five year old Temi Adebisi just celebrated one year of waiting for a new heart at children’s Minnesota. You heard that right? She went to the hospital a year ago

And hasn’t gotten to go home. That might not sound like a day anybody would wanna celebrate. But as Kent’s about to show you, you don’t know TMI any time inside the children’s Minnesota cardiovascular unit and you’ll encounter a five year old. How many people you can fit in. This rolls deep abe.

He also sings dances, go and marches to her own beat. Tammy is a beautiful soul. Tammy’s mom says that’s always been the case. She lights up everyone’s mood. There’s no boring moments with her. She says usually those moments are joyful. But a year ago, her little life of the party

Wasn’t acting like herself at a party. She did not participate in any of the activity because she get tired easily and she did not eat, she did not play. We did not know that she was dealing with so much that much that realization hit after a trip to children’s er,

And the medical word we use is dilated cardiomyopathy. And that’s really just a big heart that’s not squeezing. Well, they learned Tammy would need a transplant and it soon became clear time wasn’t on their side. They did not know if she’s gonna make the next 48 hours. That was the worst

Day of my life. I did not pray for that day for my enemy. Does it help your heart to pump with medicine? Not working? Doctors connected her heart to a ventricular assist device? It’s basically an artificial pump that sits outside of her body. The help to support her heart.

If she didn’t have the advice, she probably wouldn’t survive for weeks. The reality of being tethered to a machine that can only be unplugged for 20 minutes and never leave. The hospital. Took a different kind of toll on her heart. She would cry and cry.

She wanted to go home. Oh my God. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I started crying with her day. That’s when they called in backup. Her care team organized special events beginning with a 200 day parade in tie’s honor, followed by 1/5 birthday bash. God bless them out to him

That has been working so well these days, not even her pump seems to slow her down something which can get dicey. Oh, beautiful. She’s cracked it a couple of times. We go in in the morning to examine her before she wakes up because it’s hard to get her to sit still. Otherwise

It’s our best chance to look at the device without her moving. Yeah, it’s nobody expected the device to still be connected to Tammy a year later. We just hoping that we get a new hat. Now, I know we got all it’s possible and in the meantime,

Provide, they’re just grateful to beat Tammy. Knows what she wants goes on. We know that there’s a light at the end of this tunnel and that family will be able to get out of here and have their kid back and be home. Oh, I hope so. Doctors at Children say TMI

Sadly is far from alone while it’s not common for kids to have to stay for an entire year. They say the wait for a match has grown across the board recently as the number of donor hearts has gone down. Let’s pray TMI doesn’t have to wait much longer.

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