Learn with Grey’s Anatomy S01E03 – Liver transplant

Uh a buddy of mine in 4451 Lloyd Macky give him whatever he needs hi everyone in this episode we are going to talk about Lloyd he has a liver cancer and has been waiting for a liver transplant for8 months sweetheart I’ve been to the top of the list for8

Months so what is the liver the liver is part of the digestive system the main organs of the digestive system form a long tube where you eat at one end and poo at the other along this tube the food you eat gets broken down to smaller

Pieces so that our body can absorb and reduce them you can think of it as a set of legal pieces that come in one set but you only need some of the colors to reorganize them in a certain way for your project the body is the same it

Needs to produce very complex molecules that are not always found directly in our food and this process is called metabolism it keeps the useful pieces and reorganizes them together to build what it needs to perform all of our body functions such as building your muscles digesting your food breathing talking and

Flirting well whatever you need I’m your man I’m sure I’ll think of something the liver is our second largest organ after our skin it does so many important things for us that it is often referred to as a factory the liver is what we call an accessory organ to

The digestive system this just means that the food does not go inside it but the liver helps the digestion in another way by producing bile bile is a yellow green fluid made of acids and cholesterol and it is continuously produced by the liver it is stored in the gold bladder another accessory organ

Of the digestive system when food comes down the digestive tract the gold but will SE create B to help digest and break down fats into smaller pieces once the food is broken down the small pieces of food are then sent to our liver who will use them to build essential things

For us such as our proteins for our muscles and our glucose which is our main source of energy it also cleans our blood from toxins so in summary we cannot live without our liver the liver removes building blocks from the blood to make bow when the

Liver is sick this component is not used and starts to pile up in our blood this causes the white of our eyes to turn yellow and we can see this in Lord’s eyes this is also called jaundice Mr Mackey no smoking smoking will kill liver cancer will kill

Me liver cancer is an aggressive tumor that usually develops in patients that already have some kind of liver disease people are often diagnosed late and as a result only one in five patients survive after 5 years the liver can regenerate up to 80% of its mass under a year

Because of this liver cancer can sometimes be treated by surgically removing a portion of the liver however that is not the case for example if the patient has a liver disease called curosis which law it probably has because that would explain him being at

The top of the list fun fact CIS is the exact same disease that requires Meredith to give part of her liver to thater in a later season you have a potential donor to be eligible for liver transplant Lloyds needs to be medically evaluated there are many people on the

Waiting list and if Lloyd had other health issues he would be less likely to tolerate the stress of the surgery we can see George doing some of these tests they are usually performed every six months for patients on the trans transplant list the main risk of liver transplant is if Floyd’s body recognizes

The new organ as foreign and attacks it to avoid this ly will have to take medications for the rest of his life these medications often cause serious side effects what are you examining me for oh you know just routine medical stuff you’re doing very well cuz I’m enjoying the

View okay well I got to go as there are not enough organs available for donation patients such as Lloyd may wait for a long time patients are classified on the Donal list according to three things the first is their compatibility giving a liver with a wrong blood tap would result in

Rejection what I do how close a match for the liver is your guy at AR joho very same type same size you know couldn’t find a better match why the second one is the disease severity how bad is the liver doing all the things that it is supposed to be doing

You’re at the top of the donor list for a new liver as we have seen before the liver is supposed to remove waste from our blood but when the liver is sick this waste accumulates everywhere this can be measured through a series of blood tests called liver function test and for

Example it measures the amount of waste that is in our blood the higher it is the less deliver is working the last criteria is time and it is used to break ties between patients at the same stage of the illness except that beautiful boy won’t let me smoke

Mack that beautiful boy may have found you a liver our donor’s name is Kevin he was hit by a car and unfortunately had a severe brain injury unidentified John Doe mid-30s pedestrian hit by a motorist swerving to avoid a bike GCS 3 if you remember from last week the GCS is a

Tool that measures someone level of Consciousness a GCS of three like Kevin is one of the criteria for a patient to be declared brain dead this is the lowest possible score it means the person scores a one in each category because they do not open their eyes talk

Or move even even when they feel pain giving them a painful stimul may sound a little barbaric but the reaction would prove that the person has remaining brain function and it is crucial to identify any changes this is what Derek is doing here so when we call time of

Death we know that we’ve done everything in our power to make sure it’s actually his time of death well that is what Derek is trying to do this is called a sternum rub and it should last at least 30 seconds so he’s being a little slight

Back it is also not the most recommended technique as it is not reliable and can cause bruising the trapezius pinch or pressure on the fingernails are preferred you’re a good friend best shut up and count backwards already Mac how’ It Go very smoothly thank you so much for watching

I hope you learn something today with Lloyd see you next week and you want a harvest surgery I want to save lives okay I want to harvest surgery so who do we go to for the surgery Bailey we need to go hide them Bailey Dr Burke hello

Okay Dr Burke um I know you’re busy

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