Infant Girl Set For Life-Changing Lung Transplant At Just 5 Months Old

Five-month-old Kylie from Chesterfield, Virginia, has traveled to Texas to undergo a life-saving double lung transplant. Kylie suffers from Surfactant B Deficiency, a disease that impairs the functioning of her lungs. Without a lung transplant, the life expectancy of someone with this condition is only about three to five months. Texas Children’s Hospital, which specializes in pediatric lung surgeries and has the highest success rate, was chosen for Kylie’s procedure. Although Kylie is one of the oldest recorded living babies with Surfactant B Deficiency, she managed to make it onto the transplant list and has now found a donor match. However, the family acknowledges that there is still a risk of rejection after the surgery, and Kylie will be closely monitored for several months.

Kylie’s parents, Jakob Haddix and Ashley Overfield, made the difficult decision to move to Houston to give their daughter a chance at survival. They brought along their 1-year-old son, and their 9-year-old daughter joined them in Texas after a short stay with their grandparents. Overfield expressed gratitude for the support and prayers they have received, as well as the generosity of strangers who have donated to help cover Kylie’s medical costs. With the successful completion of the surgery, Kylie’s family hopes that she will be able to breathe with her new lungs as early as Wednesday.

This heart-wrenching story highlights the journey of a brave baby girl fighting for her life against a rare lung disease. It showcases the emotional toll on the family and the profound impact of organ donation. The medical teams at Texas Children’s Hospital are highly regarded for their expertise in performing complex lung surgeries on infants, and Kylie’s progress will be closely monitored. As the family awaits the outcome of the surgery, they lean on the power of prayer and community support during this challenging time. The family’s remarkable strength and resilience serve as a beacon of hope for others facing similar circumstances.

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