Indiana Family Celebrates Anniversary Of Life-Saving Heart Transplant

Tonight, an Indianapolis family is celebrating the anniversary of a life saving procedure, a heart transplant a decade ago from one child to another. Our Logan Gay talked with the recipient’s family today about that gift of life joins us in studio tonight, Logan

Jana, that gift of life came from a seven year old boy named Fluent Fuentes Guerra. He and five members of his family died in one of the city’s most tragic house fires. Thanks to him. 14 year old Liam Sprig and his family have a reason to celebrate today. Who is that

You and who Fuentes? What is Fuentes donor? Liam Sprigg can help but smile when he sees seven year old Fuente Guerra’s face, they’ve never officially met. But Liam carries a piece of him wherever he goes. Everybody that knows, Liam knows that he had a

Plant and he knows and he knew that he was gonna need a heart to help them get better. Um So this is just kind of closing that loop. He did get a heart that made him better and it was Fuentes’s heart. 10 years later, that heart is still beating strong. He’s, he’s amazing.

His heart is amazing. He is happy, he’s healthy, he’s thriving. He loves to laugh. That’s something everyone in this room can agree on. They call themselves Liam’s Army. And on the 10th anniversary of his life saving heart transplant, 150 of Liam’s closest family, friends gathered to celebrate him

And the boy who gave him a second chance because if it wasn’t for Fuentes, we wouldn’t have, if it wasn’t for our familiar, we would not have the somehow unifying both families. They say that on their hardest days, they can go back and look at Liam’s pictures or videos and it reminds them

That even with tragedy, there’s greatness and there are good things and that Liam is that good thing that came out of it. It is very scary. Peggy car career was a part of Liam’s Army from the very beginning. She took care of Liam at the hospital in the emergency department.

Now, she’s an aftercare support coordinator with Indiana Donor Network. It’s hard work that we do, but to see these families have their loved one longer. Um And to be a part of that and for Liam to have 10 years with his family because of this gift,

It’s an amazing thing to be a part of and it’s why it’s so important for people to register. We wouldn’t have this, I would have been a mom of only one for the last 10 years if it wasn’t for organ donation according to a federal organ donation donor registry.

Every organ donation to save eight lives. For more information about how you can become an org organ donor. Visit our website WT Jenny.

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