Five-Year-Old'S Youthful Spirit Leads Family Through Long Wait For A Heart Donor

a local 5-year-old boy is forced to
spend months in a hospital as he waits
for a heart donor yeah but he’s not
letting his predicament stifle his
youthful Spirit K’s Jeff nwin has his
story 5-year-old Bryson Morris is a ball
of energy who’s in need of a heart
transplant his mother Leilani says he
was admitted into Loma Linda University
children’s hospital last September
Halloween Christmas Thanksgiving uh New
Year his birthday we have gone almost
through all the seasons in here in
holidays Bryson was born with a
condition that severely hampers the
development of the left side of his
heart Dr Eric fransen is his pediatric
transplant cardiologist he’s attached to
his IV 247 to provide him medication
that supports his heart function um you
know he can’t be he can’t be on this
medicine at home he has to be in the
hospital all the time to help with the
waight for a donor organ Bryson’s room
has been filled with his favorite things
like superheroes with help from hospital
staff kids cope better when they’re able
to play and have you know things that
are comfortable and familiar to them
it’s not just Bryson who’s here 247 mom
has taken a leave of absence from her
job as a teacher to be at his side and
Dad joins them after work as a speech
pathologist Bryson’s sleeping there Mom
sleeps here and I sleep here Bryson has
moved up the transplant list from 16th
to 3rd his parents recognize the good
news they want will come at a cost to
another family you kind of wait with
Grace and in my heart when that moment
comes I will I will want to thank that
family so much they’re hoping such an
extraordinary gift can be shared we’re
allowing that heart to keep beating for
that family until then the staff here
says all of Bryson’s
Milestones I have eyes time you will
help them with future patience in L
Linda Jeff NN Kow news

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