Family Filled With Love After Baby’s Heart Transplant

Angie voard is happy to have her baby girl back home pregnancy was completely normal just like all of my other kids no complications at all but everything changed when Bella turned 2 months old I came home from work and her breathing was very rapid so Angie rushed her to

The hospital they took an image of her heart and told us that it was very enlarged and to pray because we may lose Bella cuz all the other organs were also failing at the same time due to the severity of her condition Bellow is transferred to Cleveland Clinic

Children’s where she met with Dr Gerard Bole she was on ECMO it essentially does the work of the hearts and the lungs and she was still very sick um and we did an EOC cardiogram and her heart was not doing very much at all the decision was

Made to put her on the heart transplant list me and Dad were like how did we how did we get here it took a toll on our whole family 6 months later Angie finally got the call they had been praying for a donor heart became available but this heart was just

Perfect the the um size of the donor the age of the donor the function of the heart um were all perfect and when that happens our surgeons are incredibly skilled at removing the old heart putting in the new one and in this case it was just it was really

Seamless fast forward to now and Bella is doing great Angie credits everyone on the medical team and her faith in God to make it to where we are now just so blessed to have her still here with us poor Cleveland Clinic I’m Britney Harris

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