Desperate Family Seeks Stem Cell Donors for Little Girl’s Life-Saving Treatment

A family from Alness in the Highlands is urging more people to register as stem cell donors to help their four-year-old daughter, Josie Davidson. Josie has a rare genetic mutation called dnajc21, which means her bone marrow will fail, and a matching donor could save her life. Her older sister, Adeline, underwent a successful stem cell transplant two years ago for the same genetic mutation.

Previously, those who were a match for a patient had to travel to Sheffield or London for the procedure, but a new stem cell donation centre has recently opened in Edinburgh, allowing potential donors in Scotland to donate closer to home. It is hoped that this will encourage more people to sign up, as currently only 2.4% of eligible Scots are on the register. DKMS, the charity involved, states that donating stem cells is now a much easier procedure, often similar to giving blood.

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