City Of Hope Connects Patients With Life-Saving ‘Matches’ In San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Nine-year-old Tammy Wang, a former patient at City of Hope in Duarte, California, met her bone marrow donor, Jessica Mun, at the 48th annual Bone Marrow Transplant Reunion and Celebration of Life. Tammy, originally from China, was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of four and underwent over two years of chemotherapy at the hospital. Doctors informed her parents that she needed a bone marrow transplant to achieve long-lasting remission. City of Hope found a match in 23-year-old college student Jessica Mun, and she graciously donated her bone marrow to Tammy. The reunion celebrated the thousands of adults and children who have received transplants at the center.

Another reunion involved Terry Greene, a 71-year-old Los Angeles resident who received life-saving blood stem cells from Israeli college student Noam Biton. Both Terry and Noam attended the celebration, with Terry expressing his gratitude for the gift of life and Noam emphasizing the importance of bone marrow donation. Dona Garrish, a Fullerton resident, brought a group of friends and family to the event to celebrate her seventh “Celebration of Life.” She expressed her gratitude to her anonymous donor for saving her life. Michael Fischer, a donor from Germany, shared his experience of going through the transplant process to help others.

The reunion demonstrated the impact and life-saving potential of bone marrow transplants, bringing together donors and recipients who had previously only interacted online. The event underscored the dedication of the hospital staff and the transcendent nature of their work, which knows no barriers of age, gender, ethnicity, or religion. The stories of Tammy, Terry, Dona, and Michael exemplified the life-changing and transformative power of bone marrow transplants, giving hope to patients and inspiring more people to donate.

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